Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MIW panic mode before election - 2011


  1. Mr Cheong, I am so sad with the 2011 Election results that I wish I can join you right now. Why do Singaporeans complain so much but keep voting PAP into power.

  2. Hi Mr Cheong, kinda envy you. but how are job prospects in your country now?

    I heard from my professors that they require very skilled labour as in they will test you on the spot of your capabilities.

    I hope you can humbly share your experience with us.

    Thank You!

  3. Hi Vick,
    Been on vacation for the past two months. During this time, I have received quite a number of inquiries about immigration to Canada. Logistically as a retired old man, it is not possible for me to reply each and everyone of you although I would very much like to. I have decided to write an article sharing my immigration experience with all those interested. It is not a bed of roses. There are many tough hurdles to cross, i.e. every member of your family must made a sincere commitment to work towards its success. A university degree is no guarantee for success in Canada. Many friends with degrees from prestigious universities were rejected but friends with plumbing or electrical experience were accepted. It was quite a shock to most Singaporeans who thought they were "kings" with a degree. Please wait for my article or go to my FB and read some of the experience of others.