Monday, March 5, 2012

The Furious Auntie Muthu -Brave lady of Singapore.

This is the result of pent-up anger over years of intimidation and telling the citizens that they have the best education in the world and now they are daft. They have the best welfare, healthcare in the world when there are none. Telling the citizens that there are no homeless and poverty is eradicated when citizens are starving and jobless. Telling the citizens that S$1,000 is sufficient to live on when ministers are paid by the $millions. The lowest ranking minister is paid more than twice of President Obama's salary and the Prime Minister is paid more than 4 times President Obama's. Brought in more than 1.5 million of new immigrants from China and India who are willing to work for much less, hence taking jobs away from locals. If that is not enough, the new Chinese immigrants are calling the local citizens "DOGS". Enough is enough. They cannot take it anymore!


  1. What a shame! A poor helpless auntie taking on the most powerful and rich for her constitutional right to vote as a citizen when she is deprived of an MP in parliament ! We will see what the highest court of the land say. Really langgar!

    Ps: Nice cartoon.

  2. Good work Canadian! - Singaporean who migrated to Aussie