Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Last of the Native Singaporeans.

Singapore with its highly publicized world rankings in having the best education, best healthcare, best welfare, best law and order, best country for business, the third richest country in the world, etc. etc., is the latest magnet for the rich and famous - the good, the bad and the ugly, - looking for low tax havens to park their money.

The two casinos in Singapore combined rank second in revenue after Macau and outperforming Las Vegas. Yet, few people wonder why two casinos in Singapore could out perform the combined revenues of 42 casinos in Las Vegas Strip especially when most of these casinos have the same or more gambling tables than Singapore’s two casinos. In other words, it means that two char kuey teow stalls do more business than 42 char kuey teow stalls combined. It is a remarkable feat that with less than 10% of Las Vegas Strip casinos workforce, Singapore’s two casinos have managed to do better. Macau needed 33 casinos to outperform Las Vegas. There is something questionable in the poll or fishy in the business.

Singapore was listed in Feb 2012 by Forbes magazine as the third richest country in the world with GDP (PPP) per capita of nearly US$56,700 (SG$71,200). Again, this ranking is questionable  when the majority of the workforce in Singapore are getting less than S$2,000 a month. Perhaps the reason is that the billions of dollars brought in by the super rich to park in Singapore has raised the per capital income to a ridiculous and deceiving figure. The middle class is a dying breed in Singapore, you are either the super rich like the ministers who are paid obscenely by the millions or the poor working class who are paid peanuts.

When I visited Singapore last month, I was shocked by the large number of PRC FTs in the City. They seem to be everywhere, pushing, shouting plus exhibiting all the bad habits from China. I have lived and worked in China for more than ten years and have known lots of intelligent, well mannered and polite Chinese. Somehow, these Chinese FTs in Singapore are taken from the very bottom of the barrel. It looks as if China has deliberately released their undesirable people to Singapore to relieve it of its social burden. Very, very few FTs can speak English, Singlish or the basic Chinese dialects of Singapore. They speak their own Mandarin with heavy countryside accents. From my experience, these are the rough and tough Chinese I have seen in China who cannot be easily intimidated by police as they have nothing to lose. It would be a nightmare for Singapore police if these FTs decide to go on riots because of lack of jobs. The police cannot assume that it would be as easy as dealing with kiasi native Singaporeans. For example, I was physically attacked by a Chinese FT in Chinatown just for telling him not to ride his bicycle in the pedestrian path. These people have no qualm beating up an old man or anybody.

Native Singaporeans are losing out in every sector of the economy - jobs, housing, education, etc. to this huge influx of new immigrants. They take over most of the jobs in the service industries, i.e. hotels, food courts, retail centres, hawker centres, etc. and now native Singaporeans have to speak their language in order to get any service or anything done. Most local food are no longer authentic but blended with Mainland Chinese cooking flavor. Native Singaporeans are losing their identities, culture, local cuisine and very soon their Singlish and future.

  Are these Chinese FTs, LKY said are smarter and more hardworking than Singaporeans?

In Chinatown, there were PRC women in their forties flirting with local old retirees. The Singapore consulate in China must be blind and daft to grant PR status to these women. What economic values can these middle age women bring to Singapore except to con those dirty old men of their retirement fund and hopefully cast a vote in favor of PAP?  The government should check it out in Chinatown. If they bring in another million FTs as planned, the City is going to explode with overloaded infrastructures.

Instead of assimilating into the Singapore culture, the new immigrants from China are demanding that curry and sambal  cannot be cooked in HDB estates because they stinks and they cannot stand the smell. They insult native Singaporeans by calling them "dogs", "pigs" and lately "chimpanzees". Just imagine if these Chinese FTs start to call Australians dogs, pigs and kangaroos in Australia. They would be packed and sent home. In Singapore, native Singaporeans were told by their leaders to reflect on themselves???

Former foreign minister, George Yeo once bragged that membership fee to be a Singapore citizen was $500,000. Now they are giving away citizenship free and in some cases even gave money and begged them to come. Singapore will go down in history as the only country in the world that surrender their country to foreigners without a fight making National Service a complete waste of time. All the sacrifices and hard work by native Singaporeans over decades are going to be handed over to unappreciative foreigners.
What are the chances of the native Singaporeans having a decent and respectable living for future generations.  From the looks of things, it is not good.

First, you have the vision extraordinaire senior Statesman, LKY, calling his own citizens daft and needed to repent despite bragging about having the best education in the world. He further insult his own citizens by saying that PRC immigrants are smarter and more hardworking than native Singapore despite bragging that Singapore has the best workforce in the world? Few ministers or new immigrants have any respect, sympathy or concern about the plight and welfare of native Singaporeans. Social problems like transportation, floods, housing, are dismissed as “unavoidable” or “once in fifty years”. or housing are “affordable”.

The plight of native Singaporeans would be left unheard as no one in power would plead their case. Former foreign minister, George Yeo once warned, “know your place in society before you engage in political debate”. If you think, it is bad now, it would be worse in the future.

The descendants of ministers with obscene multi-million salaries and those kiasi citizens who were in the 60% that voted for PAP would not be spared as new Chinese, Pinoys and Indian immigrants do not depend on their votes to win elections. It is a damn disgrace to give away the sovereignty of your country and become second class citizens in your own country. If this irreversible immigration policy was done by the opposition, the entire opposition would likely be put in jail for treason. With the present 1.5 million FTs and more coming, you do not need to be a genius to calculate that within two generations, Chinese FTs, Pinoys and Indians will outnumber native Singaporeans and they will govern Singapore. Sadly that will be the extinction of the once happy, hardworking and peaceful race - the last of native Singaporeans and like the Indian tribe, the Mohigans, they will fade away unceremoniously and be lost in history. Paradise gone for the native Singaporeans, betrayed and abandoned by their own MIW leaders who promised them Swiss standard of living.

Ironically, it would be left to the once despised diaspora ex-Singaporeans called the Quitters to tell this sad story.



  1. Well said bro

  2. insightful read. thanks.

  3. Just as they make us bleed....we must make the greedy parasites in white bleed too in the end...make sure to draw out their howls of pain slowly and surely.

  4. Very true indeed. An amazing piece of article.

  5. It is a sad but very true statement.Money has turn singaporeans to let in more foreigners AND we will pay the price later

  6. When a spark comes, I will join in what comes. At present rate, foreigners (PRs and foreign workers) will outnumber us by the next election

  7. Thanks, you speak my heart.

  8. no worries, soon sinkies will be classified and protected as "Endangered Species"

  9. We need a rebirth of secret societies to protect our citizens? Membership recruitment is usually spurred on when conditions deteriorate.

    The 'weapons' would not be the parangs and baring scrappers of old, but more sophisticated schemes to oust the invaders.

  10. makes me want to flee and join another country, sigh..
    maybe Australia: lotsa land therefore cheaper housing options, nude beaches, laid back lifestyle, nude beaches, superlong coastline and nude beaches..

    1. You obviously haven't been to Australia. Cost of living there is much much higher than in Singapore.

    2. But you earn more. Housing is definitely way cheaper than in SG.

  11. "Again, this ranking is questionable when the majority of the workforce in Singapore are getting less than S$2,000 a month."

    Can I enquire for the basis of this statement? It is interesting, but I can't understand how it was arrived at. Thanks.

    1. "Again, this ranking is questionable when the majority of the workforce in Singapore are getting less than S$2,000 a month."

      Can I enquire for the basis of this statement? It is interesting, but I can't understand how it was arrived at. Thanks.

      What basis do u want? It's REALITY that majority of the workforce in Singapore are getting less than S$2,000 a month, where the politicians are paid millions like nobody's business.

      Have u, or any immediate family members worked as a low wage worker in SINKaPOOR before?

      My mum is not a foreign labour. My mum is a local true blue Singaporean who is born here and grow up here in SINKaPOOR.

      Currently, she is paid S$32/day as a FULL-TIME cleaner working in a govt tertiary institution in SILLYPOOR, working 6 days/week, with 7 days annual leave, no medical leave, no medical claim, etc.

      And no 13th month bonus - only 2 weeks annual bonus. Total annual gross salary (inclusive of the 2 weeks annual bonus) is approx. S$10.5k/year.

      Working hour: 7:15am to 4:30pm. Minus off 30min lunch and 20min tea break, her average pay is less than S$4/hour.

      My mum pays S$9/month (S$108/year) to the union (BATU) under the NTUC umbrella of unions, but what have the union fight for her and the other low-wage cleaners in SINKaPOOR??!!

      Fyi, her pay is consider "good", coz there are many other cleaners who are paid lower than her in SINKaPOOR. In fact, my mum get S$850/mth after working for more than 6 years with S$10+ increment per year (i.e. 1%++ increment per year). Her starting pay is only $700++ as a cleaner (less than S$3.50/hour).

      If got time, stop staying in your ivory tower and asking for basis - go and check out the grounds. Are u aware that some LOCAL part-time cleaners are only paid S$3-$4/hour in SINKaPOOR? You can check out the LOCAL part-time cleaners at Changi Airport (esp. those working in the VIP lounge) and u will know the REALITY?

    2. ====================
      Can I enquire for the basis of this statement?

      It is interesting, but I can't understand how it was arrived at. Thanks.

      Over the years (and "thanks" to the MIWs' policies), businesses in SINKaPOOR have become addicted to low cost labor from the regions, esp. in industries like constructions, manufacturing and services, while other industries tried to mimic such low labor cost situations.

      The above three industries which make up the largest users of cheap migrant labor had long said that no Singaporean wants to join them.

      But look at EU, Australia, US, Canada, Japan, etc. They are also developed countries like SINKaPOOR and local works in those industries. How did they do it, even though their politicians are not paid multimillion dollar salaries? Why SINKaPOOR can’t, when the "super elite" MIWs (Millionaires-In-Whites) are paid multimillion dollar salaries governing just a little red dot?

      With ever rising living expenses in Singapore, how can Singaporeans live on the salary of these migrant workers?

      Just fyi, these are the average basic salary given to these workers:
      Construction: $500
      Manufacturing :$900
      Service: $1200

      For a better sense of REALITY in SINKaPOOR, you can check out the grounds during your free time, off days, weekends, or even use your annual leave to do so.

      It's definitely NOT interesting, esp. to the low wage locals in SINKaPOOR, BUT I hope u can understand how it was arrived at now.

  12. "Native" Singaporeans were Malayan people living in fishing villages!

    The REAL foreign invaders came centuries ago and kicked out the TRUE BLUE SINGAPOREANS! REFLECT AND REMEMBER, OR ELSE THERE WILL BE NONE LEFT BY THE NEXT GE

    Oh wait, already too late...

    Anyway, the writer should stick to his plan of being a foreign invader in Canada. Some Canadians are as xenophobic as you!

  13. Ferrari crash fuels Singapore anti-foreign sentiment

    Ferrari crash shows speed of high-impact collision

    PRC new citizen blamed deceased taxi driver Cheng Teck Hock for causing fatal accident at Bugis

    PRC new citizen ‘Martin’ (another Chao Ah Tiong) who uses the moniker ‘Jennet’ blamed deceased taxi driver Cheng Teck Hock for causing fatal accident at Bugis.

    According to Hardwarezone forumers who have met him, Martin came to Singapore a few years ago together with his parents and has obtained Singapore citizenship. It is not known if he has served National Service.

    He is reportedly in his early 20s and run a chain of food stalls in Republic Polytechnic, Hwa Chong Junior College and National University of Singapore. His father is a rich businessman and has given money to him to run his food business.

    Netizens have since sworn to boycott his stall.

  14. Excellent article. Really reflects the reality here. Thks for the superb write up. BTW, my brother migrated to Vancouver living at Main Street.

  15. @Gintai,

    Congratulations to your brother. Please ask him to contact me at retiredwing@gmail.com or 778-229-8780. He should join SUCCESS - a Canadian Chinese immigrant organization helping new immigrants and also an organization called IMMIGRANTS NETWORK.

    1. He is going there for holiday from 3/11/12 till end of yr then come back to work. His family staying there. Thks.

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  17. Most singaporeans should make more than 2000, i make7.5k a month, but still feel living below average. We just have too many people who can afford to buy millions $ private condos. We also have 1500 ones, but ask any young singaporens who accept that kind of job offer ?

  18. True facts right here.

  19. <<<< FACT >>>>

    Very simple rationale, when u r 30, u get yourself a fundamental HDB for 500k. By the time u finish paying your shelter over your head, u will be 40+to 50.. n by then, u r of no value to other countries if u wish to migrate.. Binded to stay for the rest of your life..

    AND, if within this time you have a bundle of joy, DO NOT fall Sick or get ReTrenched, else your HDB WILL BE confiscated by banks n sleep at ECP... with your wife n kid.... How can a roof over head be still in debt when u are 40? ZERO security..

  20. I just hope someone with influential powers, highly respectable like our president steps in n be the saviour, or else, like l was once told by a ft young chinagirl at a bakery, chiang hwa yee, wa putong nee swar semo, chepien se chongkuo, pu su indo, pu se sinchiapo???? In my own heartland hougang???

  21. I just hope someone with influential powers, highly respectable like our president steps in n be the saviour, or else, like l was once told by a ft young chinagirl at a bakery, chiang hwa yee, wa putong nee swar semo, chepien se chongkuo, pu su indo, pu se sinchiapo???? In my own heartland hougang???