Saturday, March 19, 2011

MRT overcrowding and CEO's stupid remarks.


  1. Most, if not all, Heads of government controlled companies act like LKY and talk down to the public. There is never any apology for their mistakes, no matter how obvious. The blame is always on the citizens for being too demanding and complain without reasons. Yet these morons are paid handsomely at public's expense.
    Again it is SINGAPORE - BOLEH!

  2. Yes, yes! It's even very crowded at 2-3pm when it's supposedly non-peak hours. At peak hours the crowd is unbelievable and people act really kiasu to get in.

  3. The reason is the infra-structure badly plan. They finally admitted that why the trains cannot come so frequently as compare to MTR's like HK.

    1st) Justification of cost, when build Woodleigh station - a white elephant, not enough ridership to operate the station, so everyday the MRT trains just bypass and don't let passenger alight here. Same as Ah hua (Lim Hwee Hua) reply to Changi Terminals , we cannot build 1st or either build 1st and wait for more tourist arrival, is a chicken and egg issues. Same la, whatever PAP or Tomasick, or GIC companies, must make $$ in order to justify. What do you think where you are, this is Sickapore you know !!! LOL.

    2nd) If the trains schedule is increased, the track might melted, not like HK MTR because they use better grade (every 40 secs 1 train in peak hr) and HK MTR open ceremony and use of MTR in the 1970s by Fei Fei Sum (dead HK actress), Singapore build in 1987 and yet our track cannot sustain the 1 min intervals.

    3rd)Many die or committed suicide on MRT tracks, the early CCTV is only for monitoring without the recording function. Later upgrade to recording, when they fear Mas Salamah and terrorist ! LOL.

    4th) No lift in MRT station when 1st plan. Later upgrade to build and some have lift on one side and not the opposite side of the road. Until a 3rd upgrade (Bedok MRT) then can have on both side of the road.

    5th) The open platform is left open for citizens and human being to falls into and crashed dead by approaching trains. Then now build it slowly with platform 3/4 height glass panel door. Last week a 14 yrs Thailand girl fell and both legs crashed and tear a part when trains approached the Ang Mo Kio station. Yes, they MRT authority replys that they still in progress of upgrading, and not reached Ang Mo Kio yet, be patience, we build slowly till 2012 !!! When they build, all engineers and scholar eat shit, how can build a car without door, this is common sense. Opposition MP Mr. Low ask HDB, why build flats without consider the citizens will grow old one day, then later suggest lift upgrading.... LLLC ( lan lan lan chio)

    6th) KL subway now have special carriage for woman and children, here Sickapore, someone suggested, their reply, not justification in terms of $$$. Yet SMRT make 287 million profit last year, don't know truth or not, one of the staff told me. Heard all Civil servants is having 8 months bonus this year, but she told me, they are not civil servants, but they are only SMRT servants. Their CEO - "Lau Cha Bo", Ms Saw, draw S$1.6m !!! Walau, so much. How much you draw, she told me everything all in a month is S$1500. But I say, you young and pretty what, why draw so low. So sad.....

  4. I m the same person comment on the above Smrt, i hereby continue. Yes, i totally agreed with WingLeeCheong, any PAP or gov head make mistake, they just act blurred or act god. When Maborohtan is the transport minister , Erp trial period, before official launch, one morning someone accidentally started the system and 2000 cars at East Coast near Fort rd were each deducted $2from the car's (IVU), in vehicle units. Our Maborohtan, at a parliament debate just thick skin and briefly mentioned for these 2000 cars owner, each will received a free cash card with $10 as compensation for any inconvenience. Not even any words of remorse or apologise , the cash card with $$ all come from where, all from 'ah gong' chestbox, our tax payer $$, kan lim na bei, our tax payer $$ helps him cover his mistake, LOL, fyi, why i know so much, my friend and myself was the group installing the Oracle database system! This Maborohtan is a real cheebye, whatever he touch, all $$ raised , now he in-charge of housing and he keep playing wayang to implement the cooling measure for Sickapore real estate's property market, he is a real a#$%hole, hope i will not be charged. from kr88!

  5. Yesterday morning around 9:30 - 10am, the East - West bound train having mul-function and all commuters were caught in the train. What a lousy system, if you read in Strait-times news media, each carriage door need the SMRT staff to "MANUALLY" open the door, and took them nearly more than 1/2 hrs to release all passengers. "Walau", what century is this, still in "stone-age", if in emergency and caught fire, all will be "barbercue" or "grill". I saw in movies, US subway, in any emergency, there is this emergency button, once you press, all carriage stop and door automatically open. I believe here, they have the button, but every button near the door, they placed a sticker "Fine S$5000", ha ha ha maybe with a small tiny clause cum 6 mths jail (in fact I think there is no clause stated, but everyone just imagine this clause because, here little little thing will go to jail), LOL.

    Can you imagine, in here when you jay walk and did not use proper traffic light or pedestrian crossing facility, you will be fine a summon of S$30. I use to jog in the night, much cooling. I still saw people here standing at the Traffic light to wait for the signal to turn green man signal when there is not even any single vehicle on the road at mid-night 2:15am. When I cross and laugh loudly at the man, he is just like a idiot still standing to wait for his green man !!! LOL. So you see, here the people is so obedience under the PAP's policy. Why, everyone afraid to be put behind bar. The is why, Singaporean go overseas, and do business globally, all die, they cannot jump out of the "square frame" set by our gov. I really worry for our coming generation ! Very sad, all academic good but not street smart !!! LOL. From KR88 !

  6. A 14 yrs Thailand girl fell over in Ang Mo Kio stationed and her both legs is crashed and tear apart. She will be on wheel chair forever. Why build a car without door, this is a subway system build after 80's. Will you buy a car if the salesman tell you, this car did not come with doors, so you must be careful when you drive ! LOL.

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