Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pirate of Temasek - DPM Wong Kan Seng questioned the motives of the Opposition.

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  1. Inside prison, everyone give him aka " Keong Kan Seng" - rapist Seng ! This one is a shamless or no face short in height. After Mas Salema issues, he should resigned.

    Even any Ah Pig or Ah Dog also understand that, when someone escape from prison, the ministry of home affairs will straight away approached their relatives house to check whether they could be hiding there. They waited for the 3rd day before they remembered Mas Salema has a elder brother.

    And now after re-captured and investigated, kan lim lau bo, they jail the niece and sister-in-law. The niece's scholarship for teacher course and benefits all wash down the drain. she cannot be a teacher. Is it wrong when your uncle appear in your door-step and ask for foods. Any human will just help, because blood is thicker than water. She is swayed - unlucky.

    Perphaps, the police should just shutup and don't disclosed their own weakness, take 3 days then checked. I believe their computer is not linked to ICAS. LOL.